Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is a highly sought after skill these days since it adds a lot of value to a child’s profile. As we all know, communication is a key to success in our personal and professional lives and Public Speaking is an important part of Communication Skills.

Public speaking is all about communicating one’s ideas to a group of people or a large audience. It is usually done before a large group of people, like in a school/college/university, formal or informal gatherings and our workplace.

Public speaking is important because of various reasons; some of these are listed below –

  • Improves one’s communication skills
  • Makes one more confident.
  • Enhances one’s self-esteem
  • Makes one a popular person
  • Expands social network
  • Helps in Career advancement
  • Sharpens Critical thinking
  • Leads to Personal development.

To be a good public speaker, one needs to have some important characteristics. Some of these are as follows –

  • Confidence. Confidence is the most important aspect one needs to be a good public speaker.
  • Passion. People who are passionate and enthusiastic about something normally perform better than others in that field.
  • One should try to be natural.
  • Makes one a popular person
  • One should learn the art of engaging the audience.
  • Humour is the key to effective public speaking.