Communicative English

Communicative English Program

English, as a language is one of the most powerful and effective tools of expression. It has acquired an unparalleled position as one of the world’s most widely spoken languages.

It has become imperative to master English language in the present scenario due to the following reasons –

First of all, it is the most commonly used language across the world. In case one is proficient in English language, one would have no difficulty in travelling to various countries and comfortably communicating with the people of these countries. This means that people from different countries with diverse backgrounds would be able to communicate in a common language i.e. English.

It enhances one’s personality and also boosts the confidence.

It plays a major role in getting a good job since English language skills are considered very important for most of the job roles in today’s business environment.

Global Voice offers an exclusive Spoken English program in Chandigarh for children. This program focuses not only on developing language skills but also making communication more effective. We, at Global Voice follow a unique mechanism for upgrading knowledge and its practical implication by focusing on both verbal and non-verbal communication. There are several factors that make the English speaking course really effective. The key highlight is that our teaching is purely activity based so as to derive better results through time tested methodology. The main emphasis is on Confidence to speak in English, Sentence Construction, Grammatical Correction, Pronunciation, Accent Neutralization, Vocabulary, Fluency, Creative thinking/ writing and presentation skills. Our experience of more than 16 years in this industry has made Global Voice the best Spoken English institute in Chandigarh.