Resume Writing Tips

Resume Writing

It is often said that resume is the first impression that the employer has of the candidate. If the resume is written effectively it can make a favourable impression on the interviewer. It is the resume only that acts as a bridge between the candidate and prospective recruiter. Resume is basically a brief written summary of the information of the applicant. Therefore, it is important that the resume of the candidate stands out from others. It should not be too long like an essay. The resume must be precise and easy to understand of reasonable length. Resume reaches the interviewer before the candidate and only those candidates are called for interviews who have
well-written information about themselves in a concise and structured manner. Therefore, all the professional details must be mentioned accurately.

Most resumes contain the basic information such as career objective, qualifications, personal information, activities etc. In a resume, candidate must highlight his/her skills and strengths that they have acquired during the last years through different projects and extra-curricular activities. Candidate must show how he/she can utilise these skills for the betterment of the organization. The goal of the resume is to capture the attention of the prospective recruiter.

There are certain things that a person should take into consideration while writing an effective resume. The use of long paragraphs must be avoided and appropriate font and size must be displayed. It should also be kept in mind that correct language is used along with proper bullet points, headings and spacing. This will give an overall good impression. One must not forget that a resume is a gateway to higher and brighter things.