eLitmus, one of the largest recruitment and assessment companies in India is responsible for conducting pH Test i.e. Hiring Potential Test. pH Test is one of the most credible employability tests available for a variety of streams like B.E., B.Tech, MCA, MBA and so on. It is a boon for both the job applicants and companies. Getting the appropriate score in eLitmus can help one in landing up at the right job, just within a few days of taking the test.

pH Test, a pen and paper objective aptitude test not only evaluates quantitative skills but also verbal and analytical ability. eLitmus is currently being used by companies ranging from Startup to Fortune 100 companies to hire the right set of students.

pH (eLitmus) Exam Pattern

Duration of the Test: 2 hrs

Total No. of Questions: 60

Maximum Marks: 600

  • Quantitative Ability : 20 Q
  • Verbal Ability : 20 Q
  • Analytical Ability : 20 Q

The multiple choice questions in each section are divided into several levels of difficulty. A student’s final score will reflect not only the number of questions that a student has answered correctly, but also the level of difficulty of those questions, and will also reflect
the performance of his peers on the same questions.

The test measures a broad spectrum of skills acquired throughout the education and learning period of a student. It does not test the competency in any specific area or subject. It expects only a basic understanding of high school level mathematics and some proficiency in essential English language skills. All required formulae are provided in the question paper.

The test also uses a unique handicap based negative marking approach.

(Handicap based negative marking means that if a student has more than 25% of the questions wrong of the total attempt, then for every wrong answer, half mark will be deducted).