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Join our world-class programs from the comfort of your homes and offices –

Due to the changed environment, online classes have become very popular and offer a great learning experience. Most of the people have realized that online classes can be as effective as regular classrooms. Not only this, online classes are also resulting in saving of a lot of time and effort besides ensuring safety.

Our Online Classes have been highly successful and effective due to our experience in conducting them in a very efficient manner. Our Online Training Model consists of Blended online training tools like –

  1. Online Classes by experts on various platforms depending upon the choice of participants. Some of the most common platforms are Zoom/Google Hangouts/Microsoft Teams/Webex etc.
  2. Global Voice Portal
  3. Pre-recorded Video Lectures for reinforcing learning
  4. PPTs
  5. Voice Logs
  6. Learning Material on Google Classrooms/Microsoft Teams
  7. Online Assessments

With Global Voice, you can be sure of the quality because of the following reasons –

  1. Management team comprising senior industry professionals
  2. 18 year old training and consulting organization.
  3. Partners of leading Universities/Colleges and large companies
  4. Professional team of highly qualified and experienced expert trainers
  5. Training model using multiple Digital Platforms.
  6. Individual Attention

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