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3G – The Third Generation Wireless Technology

What is 3G? The term 3G is short form for Third-Generation wireless technology, a technology that has helped bring together two of the world’s fastest-growing industries—mobile communications and the "wireless" Internet. Advanced 3G handsets allow users to access music, photos and videos, while

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What is CDMA? One of the most important concepts in any cellular telephone system is that of "multiple access", meaning that multiple, simultaneous users can be supported. In other words, a large number of users share a common pool of radio channels and any user can gain access to any channel (each

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Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

Telecom operators are struggling in today's market environment. Competition is fierce and the operators are struggling for retention and average revenue per user. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) are the new players in the mobile communications market. With the coming in of MVNOs, the markets

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Wireless application protocol (WAP)

People on the move need services, information and entertainment that can keep up with them. With access to mobile services, decisions and interactions happen here and now. The value of mobile services to end-users is boosted by three separate elements: personalization, time-sensitivity and location

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VoIP: KNOWLEDGE POWER – Internet Telephony

We have been hearing so much about the Internet telephony during the last few years. Initially, the Government was dithering over the decision to allow Internet telephony in the country mainly due to pressure from various groups but as we know, technology is unstoppable. Internet telephony has final

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